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Zoom app Audio problems

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Hello. I have been a Zoom subscriber for approximately 15 months, and I use the free app. I mainly use my PC to log into meetings approximately 3-4 times per week. I have never had this issue before, and the problem arose this morning right after I logged out of a normal successful Zoom chat. I saw there was a Zoom update available so I clicked on the update. Ever since I downloaded this new update, my PC has been having this issue. I have turned the computer on and off two or three times and even uninstalled the Zoom and then reinstalled it. The problem persists. Here is my information and the problem:
My computer is a HP All-in-One 22-c0. The serial number is 8CC83124ZS. The OS version is 2009. It runs Windows 10.
Ever since I updated the Zoom app this morning, I have been unable to hear anything in my Zoom chat rooms. The participants were fully able to hear me, but I could not hear anyone. I got an error message that reads: "Failed to detect your speaker. Please make sure your speaker is properly connected." I have done nothing on my PC to disconnect my speakers and, since I am not very tech savvy, I do not know how to navigate the screen that allows me to check my audio settings on this computer. I have an important meeting coming up tonight and I desperately need to be able to hear it. If the Zoom update is the problem, I'd like to go back and stay with the earlier version because I have never had this particular problem happen to me before today. Please, please help me!! Thank you for any help you can provide.
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I got this as part of an email newsletter today. It might solve your problem. (I don't use Zoom on a computer; I run it from either an android tablet or phone.)
We have had the same thing happen to at least 4 people in our company, all with HP Elite books. No resolution so far, but they are all able to use the Web version of Zoom as a work-around.
Found out it is the Zoom client. they have a fix, but it has not been released yet: Release notes for Windows - Zoom Help Center
As a temporary fix, you can download a previous version here: Zoom Cloud Meetings old versions - Windows (
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I had the same issue and the solution was install an old version (March 29) and OK
This is the Zoom link to the previous version. It is safer than using the 3rd party link above:

We have been uninstalling the default 32-bit version and reinstalling with the 64-bit version to fix the problem.
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