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ZoneAlarm Not Logging

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For some odd reason, in that past 2 days or so, ZoneAlarm has stopped loging things that it blocks, i tested the firewall online at a few places and all of them seem to say that the firewall is still blocking off the things, just isn't Logging anything. I re-installed it on my computer and it still doesn't log anything, i even did the total uninstall and then installed it again, still the same problem, any ideas?
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Couple of things. Zone Alarm will stop logging if it gets 50 hits a minute or 500 hits an hour. It will continue to work without logging.

Have you had any crashes about the time you noticed it stopped logging? When you reinstalled, did you do it from a CD or the Zone Labs site? And, did you select a 'clean' install?

The last question. Since you noticed it stopped logging, you didn't by chance add a router, change your modem, or ISP did you?
Once you have hit the threshold for it to stop logging, then it will not strart logging again until you are in a new session...reboot.

If you have a router or a modem that does NAT, then the built in firewalls in those hardware pieces will block incoming intrusions. On the ZA forum, we find 9 out of 10 times the logging stops is because a user has changed or added hardware that is now blocking.

If you had a other than normal shutdown, then your database could have gotten corrupt requiring it to be purged and reset. A 'clean' install should have done that. If you would like them, here are instructions on resetting your ZA database. You will lose all your customizations in ZoneAlarm.

1. Go into the Overview Preferences tab and turn off "Load ZoneAlarm at startup".
2. Reboot into safe mode. {Instructions if needed}
3. Go into the folder named internet logs {do a search if you don't know where it is in your OS}.
4. Delete everything in that folder.
5. Empty the recycle bin.
6. Reboot into normal windows.
7. Restart ZA manually.
8. Recheck the "Load ZoneAlarm at startup".
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Good to see you got it going again. For future referrence if you want to uninstall Zone Alarm, run the uninstaller rather than use Add/Remove. ;)
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