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Zone Alarm

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Swwelsh provided a great link in this thread-Modem Connects but No Data Transfer- to remove Zone Alarm. I had the exact problems discribed all caused by zone alarm. Is there a safe and easy way to cure the .vxd registry problem discribed by swwelsh. I am a novice but can follow directions very well I just don't want to mess up anything else now that I can get back on line. If I follow the direcrtions from Zone Alarm to uninstalll do I just delete the registry entrys listed on their directions? Sorry I don't get all of this yet. This site has been a great way to learn how to fix problems. My ISP didn't even know how to fix the orginal problem.

Thanks So Much in Advance.
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This is based on ZoneLabs instructions, and has proved a safe way of uninstalling ZA:

First, select 'Configure' from the main ZoneAlarm window, then deselect the 'Load ZoneAlarm at Startup' check box.
Reboot. That way TrueVector and other ZA files will not be active during uninstall. This causes most problems.

Now Uninstall Zonealarm by using the Add/remove applet, or from Start menu/Programs/Zone Labs/Uninstall ZoneAlarm.

Reboot. Subsequently verify that the following folders and files have been removed. If not, delete them:

- Directories:

1) Zone Labs from C:\Program Files
2) zonelabs from C:\Windows\System
3) Zone Labs from C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

- Files:

1) C:\Windows\System\vsdata.dll
2) C:\Windows\System\vsdata95.vxd
3) C:\Windows\System\vsmonapi.dll
4) C:\Windows\System\vsnetutils.dll
5) C:\Windows\System\vspubapi.dll
6) C:\Windows\System\vsutil.dll
7) C:\Windows\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\zapro
8) C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\zapro
9) C:\Windows\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\zonealarm
10) C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\zonealarm
11) All files in C:\Windows\Temp
12) C:\Windows\Internet Logs.


Good luck,
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