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Zip drive & XP

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OK I'll try to get everything the 1st time around.

Brand new system, AMD XP1700 with 256 DDR memory, WIN XP Pro.

The problem is that I can not get the system to recognize the zip drive, it shows up but when you try to use it, no go.
I have gone to the Iomega site and D/L the current drivers and still nothing. The Zip drive is a Zip 100 parallel.

Any help wil be helpful.
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Did you download Version: 3.1, Size: 8.40MB, Posted: 10-OCT-2001 and follow the installation instruction? See:

If so what is the status of the drive in Device Manager?
OK I'm sorry I will have to get back with you, I know the version I D/L is that one but I dont know the status of the Zip in the Device manager, my friend is not home and it is his computer.
Again I'm sorry I cant answer all your questions. :(
No problem we understand. It is very important to follow the installation instructions very carefully.

Good luck.
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