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Your opinion is requested

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Most of you here have some idea of what I am about. Shy in some situations, brash and upfront in others, pretty physically oriented, and, maybe...fearless. Or at least, unintimidated :) .

Here is a little bit of backstory about me. The company I have been working for is really good. Great people, locale is second to none (visitors think they are at a resort), and the workload is not over bearing. However, the pay leaves something to be desired. My job description right now is program administrator. In addition to the regular daily work hours, I often put in hours from home, am called to provide tech support for users on the weekend and nights, and basically am happy to work for what I am getting paid, but had promises for more. Both my boss and the HR manager have noted I am doing an excellent job. My boss also told me he would be putting me in for a raise and COLA increase so I can buy a home. Ok, and for someone who manages the program that has given the company double the revenue, acceptable.

But, as the new raises came out, I am not pleased, or even satisfied with the raise. Me, as a program admin, am making less than $39K per year. Yes, I know that is not shabby, but with my raise not even covering inflation rates of 2006 and my desire to stop renting and buy a home, I really cannot do that on my own. And given a program admin in my region makes, at minimum, $55K, I am left wondering what happened to my promised earnings increase.

My desire is to be financially independent, not worrying about the next paycheck, having things come up and not having the money for them, etc. So, this is what I am planning and would like your opinion. Most of you on here are of sound intelligence and we have spoken so your opinion would have some weight to my decision. Politics play no role in this, btw.

I am debating (and trying to find my resume in e-form now, for submission), to apply for a job in Iraq. This is more than a whim, this is an opportunity to take a huge step forward financially for myself.

Now, domestic concerns. First for most people, family. I dont have one. I have not spoken to my brother or father in 3 years and do not desire to do so again. They are venomous people and I have learned much from them to make myself a better man. My mother, the only thing she called me for was for money and to front her to buy HUD homes so she can rent them out. After asking for if that was all she was calling for, I told her she can call if she has anything else to talk to me about. She has only called once as her car broke down, in the past 1.5 years.

Responsibilities...I have one, my lease. And I am only on the lease as a partial renter as there are two other roommates here. So I can leave and it will not have any adverse reaction on me and neither will a forced breaking of the lease need to occur. And as of May, the lease is up and will not be renewed anyways. Also, I am a minimalist, so I have very little of anything that matters to me, possession wise. Everything I own I can put into storage for the 1 year contract I would sign.

Now, potential detractors. Death, of course. Maiming, and that is a fear worse than death. I value my physical abilities very much. Lack of companionship. I met someone over the weekend (on a blind date), and we had a great time. We both have the same sense of humor, interests, and feel comfortable around each other. I don't love her, and really, how could I this soon, but she is intelligent, pretty, and has characteristics which interest me. But I am interested in settling down and she appears to have the same goals in mind. life's blood. I value them very deeply and do care incredibly for them. But they are just friends.

Pluses. Money. Average salary for me in a likewise position would reap between $150-$220K, and the first $80K is tax free. Even if I stay for just 1 year, it would enable me to buy a nice home outright (or by secured loan) and allow me to educate myself, increasing my value to corporate America upon my return. International job opportunities and getting a job while becoming a resident of another country. There is a month of paid time off, and destinations are anywhere in the world with the means to do it.

This is a big step, and I do want to do it, but I also don't want to miss anything in my thought processes. Of course the job and salary level do dictate if I take the job or not, but I am thinking it will be good for me. And with a high turnover rate, promotions are rapid (as are pay increases).

I have to lookout for myself and live my own life for me. Not for my company, my boss, my friends, or a beautiful woman. What is your opinion?
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vbneteng said:
I have to lookout for myself and live my own life for me. Not for my company, my boss, my friends, or a beautiful woman. What is your opinion?
Ok, i got as far as........job in Iraq and thought


that is all i have to say......because no one in their right mind would actually go there of their ow accord....... i dont care what you say, how much money you make......its insane plain and simple. :rolleyes:
vbneteng said:
Mooniechicadelight: I know you would miss me. It's ok to admit it. ;). ya know, I would get 30 days of vacation a year and would fly you to take vacation with me to Iceland, New Zealand, or any place that would melt your heart.
You keep telling yourself that :p ............ I still think your nuts :D
vbneteng said:
Nothing against my friend, but I am alot stronger than him mentally. He has been there almost 2 years and he just misses female companionship. I don't feel it would affect me psychologically.
*tapes mittens reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy tight* :p
ODIN 0ERO said:
you cannot use the extra money if you are dead.

just something to keep in mind.
:up: :up:
vbneteng said:
gb, thanks for the input!

bushlady, it is easier and better for me to go this route. I rely on myself and have only myself to blame for problems.

also, I would not be coming back in the same fiscal state. the reasoning for going is to make more money to provide a huge boost in securing my future.
If you come back.......... you make it sound like you're going to the corner store :rolleyes:
Bush Lady said:
He can make money in Albeta just like in Iraq, the only difference is he wouldn't be in a war zone in Alberta. He is single. So all he needs is a room to crash at night.

I heard on TV. That there were married guys that came from the east coast. Left their families. They went to Alberta to work. These were four guys living in a, I think, a two room apartment. They took the money they had left and sent it home to their wives and kids. They were working shift work, so they also were sharing the beds.

You can do the same thing in Alberta that you want to do in Iraq.
:up: :up: .......... true that BL...... my brother graduates in May and has a job waiting for him ..... he is 25 his first year with signing bonus and all will be amost 90 grand. :eek:

However, it is "the" place to be for anyone wanting to make money......... even the unskilled worker makes a ton.
vbneteng said:
a stop by your neck of the woods would be my first place I would visit. ;)

certainly not the corner store...I know this....
yeah, come on by so i can smack you in the head for your silly thoughts :p
vbneteng said:
Smack me in the head and I shall retort with my own smack somewhere else...possbly with something else. ;)
:eek: ............... again :eek:

vbneteng said:
also, 90 is not what I will be making. I will take a look and see what is there though, just so you beautiful women can rest you pretty little hearts. got a link?
cant say that i do...........but BL might have one in mind........... or just goggle Alberta employment opportunities.........
vbneteng said:
Makes me wanna do more than that....
spit and stomp your feet??
vbneteng said:
I have dated an Indian woman before, Arab would not be much different ;)
you've lost your mind. :rolleyes:

they wont let you look at a woman over there let alone date wanna get yourself shot......or better yet get her stoned to death??
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