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Your opinion is requested

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Most of you here have some idea of what I am about. Shy in some situations, brash and upfront in others, pretty physically oriented, and, maybe...fearless. Or at least, unintimidated :) .

Here is a little bit of backstory about me. The company I have been working for is really good. Great people, locale is second to none (visitors think they are at a resort), and the workload is not over bearing. However, the pay leaves something to be desired. My job description right now is program administrator. In addition to the regular daily work hours, I often put in hours from home, am called to provide tech support for users on the weekend and nights, and basically am happy to work for what I am getting paid, but had promises for more. Both my boss and the HR manager have noted I am doing an excellent job. My boss also told me he would be putting me in for a raise and COLA increase so I can buy a home. Ok, and for someone who manages the program that has given the company double the revenue, acceptable.

But, as the new raises came out, I am not pleased, or even satisfied with the raise. Me, as a program admin, am making less than $39K per year. Yes, I know that is not shabby, but with my raise not even covering inflation rates of 2006 and my desire to stop renting and buy a home, I really cannot do that on my own. And given a program admin in my region makes, at minimum, $55K, I am left wondering what happened to my promised earnings increase.

My desire is to be financially independent, not worrying about the next paycheck, having things come up and not having the money for them, etc. So, this is what I am planning and would like your opinion. Most of you on here are of sound intelligence and we have spoken so your opinion would have some weight to my decision. Politics play no role in this, btw.

I am debating (and trying to find my resume in e-form now, for submission), to apply for a job in Iraq. This is more than a whim, this is an opportunity to take a huge step forward financially for myself.

Now, domestic concerns. First for most people, family. I dont have one. I have not spoken to my brother or father in 3 years and do not desire to do so again. They are venomous people and I have learned much from them to make myself a better man. My mother, the only thing she called me for was for money and to front her to buy HUD homes so she can rent them out. After asking for if that was all she was calling for, I told her she can call if she has anything else to talk to me about. She has only called once as her car broke down, in the past 1.5 years.

Responsibilities...I have one, my lease. And I am only on the lease as a partial renter as there are two other roommates here. So I can leave and it will not have any adverse reaction on me and neither will a forced breaking of the lease need to occur. And as of May, the lease is up and will not be renewed anyways. Also, I am a minimalist, so I have very little of anything that matters to me, possession wise. Everything I own I can put into storage for the 1 year contract I would sign.

Now, potential detractors. Death, of course. Maiming, and that is a fear worse than death. I value my physical abilities very much. Lack of companionship. I met someone over the weekend (on a blind date), and we had a great time. We both have the same sense of humor, interests, and feel comfortable around each other. I don't love her, and really, how could I this soon, but she is intelligent, pretty, and has characteristics which interest me. But I am interested in settling down and she appears to have the same goals in mind. life's blood. I value them very deeply and do care incredibly for them. But they are just friends.

Pluses. Money. Average salary for me in a likewise position would reap between $150-$220K, and the first $80K is tax free. Even if I stay for just 1 year, it would enable me to buy a nice home outright (or by secured loan) and allow me to educate myself, increasing my value to corporate America upon my return. International job opportunities and getting a job while becoming a resident of another country. There is a month of paid time off, and destinations are anywhere in the world with the means to do it.

This is a big step, and I do want to do it, but I also don't want to miss anything in my thought processes. Of course the job and salary level do dictate if I take the job or not, but I am thinking it will be good for me. And with a high turnover rate, promotions are rapid (as are pay increases).

I have to lookout for myself and live my own life for me. Not for my company, my boss, my friends, or a beautiful woman. What is your opinion?
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True, but I would be on bases working on *hopefully* computers or networks, depending on what was available, in the green zone.

Oh, and for those who dont know, I have served in the Marines before, so high stress environments are not new to me.
Many things I do people would doubt the sanity of, and I really have no desire to take a psych eval ;)

I have a friend over there now, and he is fine. This February will be two years for him and he has no horror stories to report. He does say there is loneliness in the desert, but I am used to that (being alone, anyways)
LuckyStrike: If I leave a secure area and there is a possibility of a situation, yes.

BM: It is my decision, but sometimes I miss things and need someone from an outside opinion to tell me what they think. Also, I have my mac mini, but a laptop would be preferred.

Mooniechicadelight: I know you would miss me. It's ok to admit it. ;). ya know, I would get 30 days of vacation a year and would fly you to take vacation with me to Iceland, New Zealand, or any place that would melt your heart.

Wimpy369: Thank you. Regret is something I have no desire for in any form and opportunity knocks for only so long. I would certainly not get stuck. Time served, experience gained, monies earned. That is all I would be there for.

There are other opportunities and I am looking into them as well.
Nothing against my friend, but I am alot stronger than him mentally. He has been there almost 2 years and he just misses female companionship. I don't feel it would affect me psychologically.
moonmist said:
*tapes mittens reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy tight* :p
I don't get it... :confused:

Odin ZeroEro, I know this. But I am trying to weigh the risks and rewards. I am financially stable now, but as I am looking at my salary from the standpoint of corporate America and my company, the earnings are limited here. To get where I want to be (stable, a homeowner, investor, etc.), it has to come from a different source. This is just not enough for where I want to be and what I want out of life.

And I think itlos hit it right on the head...even though I was not even thinking that. Increasing unpredictability and adventure seems to a vicious spiral into becoming an adrenaline junkie.

poochee...I would, but it would not give me what I am really seeking, a fresh start. I can go away, come back, and start my life again, build it the right way.
No, I have not been in a war zone before. And I do realize it is something I will not be able to comprehend until I am there.

This is a limited time engagement. 1-2 years of stress for the same earnings I could make in 10 years, plus the ability to be stable.

I am going to talk with my boss tomorrow and find out why I was given such a low raise. It kinda hinges on that, and another opportunity with the NSA. I know someone who knows the recruiter there, and I have had Top Secret clearance before.


Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

WarC, excellent post. I have been at this company for 1.5 years and never asked for a raise, but was told it will be taken care of. The woman does not have any say or sway, except that if I were to stay, I would want to build something with her.
Odin, I did not come here for encouragement. I came here because there are intelligent and possibly more intelligent people than I (kidding, that's a joke) who will think of things that I have missed. Encouragement is the last thing I need or want. I am brave enough to take any step I need alone.

Izme, I am not yet experienced enough to do those things.
hannab said:
I don't see it as you doing it "for the money" - I see it as you doing it to achieve a dream - owning a home of your own :up:

As a Marine, you are already trained to be aware of dangerous situations - would you be allowed to carry a weapon :confused:
I can buy a home now, that is not what I am worried about, or dreaming of. It is the home and being able to save and prepare for my future. Planning and getting a headstart that most my age dont have.

One hopes I would be able to carry a weapon.

Izme, wanna train/sponsor me? :D ;)
My decision will be made tomorrow afternoon, after I talk to my boss and he lets me know if he can increase that, or if I am stuck with what I got.

Rob, if I go, may we could meet up somewhere and grab...a bite to eat. What is there to eat over there, anyways? Wouldn't that be some funny stuff, two TSG-ers from seperate continents meeting in a war zone for a cup of coffee. :D
I will keep in touch, of course. I will still have internet access so I will still be on TSG. I will post up pictures and talk to people. Y'all will be the easiest way for me to keep my sanity. Words and discussions to take my mind away and put my body at ease.
trekguy....I would, but am plagued with a bunch of stupid little things. like today, my car was towed because the parking sticker fell out of the window. that cost me 200, no exceptions. I hate the complex I live in, they find every excuse possible to punish the tenants.

I can't even bring a date home on good conscience as her car has a damned good chance of getting towed. the nearest visitors spot is a 20 minute walk away.

and, I do like going out and living it up...another drain on the acct. plus I had to buy a new computer as my last one bit the dust.

half...I would DEFINTELY be down for NZ, I just don't know where to look. any link or info would be incredibly appreciated. or if you know someone looking, I can forward my resume to you.
gb, thanks for the input!

bushlady, it is easier and better for me to go this route. I rely on myself and have only myself to blame for problems.

also, I would not be coming back in the same fiscal state. the reasoning for going is to make more money to provide a huge boost in securing my future.
a stop by your neck of the woods would be my first place I would visit. ;)

certainly not the corner store...I know this....
moonmist said:
yeah, come on by so i can smack you in the head for your silly thoughts :p
Smack me in the head and I shall retort with my own smack somewhere else...possbly with something else. ;)

also, 90 is not what I will be making. I will take a look and see what is there though, just so you beautiful women can rest you pretty little hearts. got a link?
grrrr. I am so angry right now. This is not worth another post, just, need to vent my frustration. You read earlier how my apartment complex tows other cars. Well, I had a friend who was having a bad night and asked to crash at my place. I said yes, of course, and he got here around 10-ish. I told him to find a visitors spot, but he after he got here, he told me they were all taken up. Ok, well, I told him I hope he does not get towed (but really, should that sentence even need to come out of my mouth?).

Anyways, I get up for work about 30 minutes ago...his car is gone. WTF! A guest of mine, who I authorize to be here, gets his damn car towed for NO reason. Want to know how much I have spent on myself and his car towing now? $1000! For WHAT?! This place absolutely RAPES people, and I dont know if I can stand it anymore. I might just be looking for a new place to live today as well, this is just <cwlmst> (but boy, do I really wanna curse, its initials are BS).

I thought the friggin city was bad with its parking tickets, but damn, as compared to the county where you have the unfortunate experience of getting your car towed every night, I think I will take that over this! After today's ventures with my boss, I will see about moving. I dont really care if I pay more, I dont have a choice. It is costing me MORE to live in the county with a roommate or two than it would in the city by myself!

I absolutely ABHORE corporate greed and the average citizen's role as the one getting screwed over it.

Oh, and would I call them, to ask them to cover it? I would, but my first day here after I moved in, I did not know the "rules", I thought it was like every other apartment complex I have lived in. Guests are, well, guests and allowed to stay a night. I called them up, fairly upset, and you know what they told me...tough doodoo, live with it, come in, sign the lease, and dont worry about it. I get my car out, I get down there, apply for the lease, a week later I get approved, my car has been towed once more...etc.
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Makes me wanna do more than that....
I dont hide my emotions or mask any part of who I am. I wanted to hit something/one. But I have also learned violence is not an answer and will typically cause more suffering than is originally intended, for both parties. I will hold my tongue and use inaction to reduce my aggression and calm down.
I have dated an Indian woman before, Arab would not be much different ;)
Where's that rock???? :p

moonmist said:
you've lost your mind. :rolleyes:

they wont let you look at a woman over there let alone date wanna get yourself shot......or better yet get her stoned to death??
Humor darlin...sheesh. :D You think I would really want to date one of those crazies?
(disclaimer: "crazies" is a term of endearment for the women of the Sunni or Shia sects of Islam currently battling for control of the streets. In no way, shape, or form is it intended to be a general statement regarding Arab women as the majority are of striking beauty with sultry eyes and hips to die for. hmmm......)
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