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You remind me of?

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What does each TSG member remind you of?

Mulder=Shark in sheeps clothing

Moonie=5 iron wielding kanuck


Stoner=blunt roller

Angel=the good, the bad & the naughty

Mike=keeper of the loony bin key

AcaCandy=Wonder Woman and pool boy slave driver


ZZZ=daily comics

Valley=Baptist preacher


Doc holliday=The OK Corral

Ashes=Corn fed

GWs=New york

Bea=funny and pretty lurker

penny=Star gazer& bird watcher

contralto=yoga masta

Jonesiegirl=prodigal beauty

Bassetman=Basset hounds

Sexytech=nascar pit crew

Gibble=Canadian hell raiser

Rockn=troublemaker and class clown

oldie=malta man

Al firdaus=quoter of interesting facts

hewee= Coffee shop host and imaging whiz

Jimi=Jimi Hendricks for some reason

Eggplant=calm reasoning and good in a stir fry LOL

I will add more later, these are just a few :D

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Stoner said:
OK...Mr fish :mad:
just what the 'h' 'e' double 'l' is a blunt roller?
you better be quick about this, I'm lookin' for my flyswatter :eek:
and you might remember the last time :mad:
LOL stoner, it was a joke about a jamaican twisty cig (you might say)

will think of a much better one later :D

Moonmist=Ice cream cone, extra chocolate :D
Stoner said:
carefull not to hurt yourself :)
Of course it will be totally tastefull and respectfull Jack
Stoner said:
and you're going to post it at this site ? :D
LOL Jack

pyritechips said:
fishy = nice rainbow trout sauteed with onions and parsley, served with a baked potato and covered with a white wine sauce! Mmmmm!

Steppinstone (chari)=Hummingbirds & birthdays

Sooky (LU)=Birthdays

Shortnpretty=Fur lined handcuffs ;)
angelize56 said:
izme=Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde :D

:mad: :(

Fish takes the Evil twin formula

ohhhhhhh Angellllllllllllllll :D
Barfly=Closing time :D

Deuce=the tav :up:

Pronute=Pronutian Martians :eek:

Gojo=hand cleaner or gogo dancing :D

Lisaa7002=Cyborg man killer :eek: :D
Sleek=Fast & the furious

Brushmaster=Comic Genius


Dreamboat=A star


and I wanted to say to Val that I hope you are not offended by my comment
I meant that in a most respectful way ;)

and Angel=Hawaii (of course)
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Mulder said:
Ok, this came up in another thread, but it fits here.

Rock'n--"Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy"

Its the SNL characater. If you don't know it, go here:

And download the Jennifer Anniston clip. It's Jennifer Anniston in an episode of "Rockn' Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy"

:D :up:

That was good, ya pegged him Mulder! :D

I had to download a real player to see that clip

select: Download Free RealPlayer in the upper right corner
valley said:
Fishy! I cant believe you left out some of my favorite members! ...will someone please tell Ed that the new suck up thread is now located here instead of civideb and site comments?

I had to leave some room for others :D

Moonie says the same thing to me on the last swing of that 5-iron

"my pleasure fish" :mad:
GBrumb=Schlock lawyer Slayer :eek: :D

Paq=paq man :up:

Randy G= Kenny G :eek: :D

CF=Neutral agressor with fangs :D
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