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You remind me of?

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What does each TSG member remind you of?

Mulder=Shark in sheeps clothing

Moonie=5 iron wielding kanuck


Stoner=blunt roller

Angel=the good, the bad & the naughty

Mike=keeper of the loony bin key

AcaCandy=Wonder Woman and pool boy slave driver


ZZZ=daily comics

Valley=Baptist preacher


Doc holliday=The OK Corral

Ashes=Corn fed

GWs=New york

Bea=funny and pretty lurker

penny=Star gazer& bird watcher

contralto=yoga masta

Jonesiegirl=prodigal beauty

Bassetman=Basset hounds

Sexytech=nascar pit crew

Gibble=Canadian hell raiser

Rockn=troublemaker and class clown

oldie=malta man

Al firdaus=quoter of interesting facts

hewee= Coffee shop host and imaging whiz

Jimi=Jimi Hendricks for some reason

Eggplant=calm reasoning and good in a stir fry LOL

I will add more later, these are just a few :D

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IZME = something I saw swimming in the bowl

Is Jim a person whom eats too much or loves food? I never knew!!
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