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yahoo sign in page not allowing password input

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I'd love to log in to yahoo, but the sign in page has been uncooperative recently. I can enter my email address, but the box below, for password entry, is partially covered by the blue 'continue' button, which makes entry impossible. I've been able to login via the yahoo help page (they sent a verification code via sms), but I'd like to solve this problem.
Some more info--
Using Chrome (but the same problem exists now with Firefox and IE)
Windows Vista
And... I will happy supply any more pertinent information.
Thank you very much in advance--
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Not sure why you are having a problem, here's my signin. The only thing I did was erase my username in front of yahoo.
Don't try to type a password in on the first screen. Yahoo now requires you to click continue twice.


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Thanks plodr-- all well now.
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