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Help ..
Someone took a my account.. this is what happened..

Someone messaged me from Yahoo telling me that she is a long time friend. After chatting for a bit, that person told me that she can show me her pic to refresh my memeory... so I clicked on the link and had to sign in to Geocity account and my yahoo account was comprimised. I suddenly got signed out of Yahoo. and Password changed

Seems like the person used key stroke recorder of some sort..

Here is the ccomplete chat...
The link in their in live. ... so please do not click on it..


cute_kimmy_xx: hey! i haven't spoken to you much recently, how are you ?

chain__smoker: i am good how u doing?

cute_kimmy_xx: im doing great

cute_kimmy_xx: do you remember who i am?

chain__smoker: not really sorry..

chain__smoker: argh

cute_kimmy_xx: ohh

chain__smoker: how emberassing

chain__smoker: refresh my memory

cute_kimmy_xx: lol

cute_kimmy_xx: its kimmy, we spoke a while back about how life has been and everything

cute_kimmy_xx: i showed you some of my pics too, would seeing those again help refresh your memory of who i am?

chain__smoker: yes that would actually

chain__smoker: i am getting old

cute_kimmy_xx: they are on there, im on the right

chain__smoker: i cant remember crap

chain__smoker: sorry i cant get in to site
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