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yahoo email "Piggybacking" problems

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This is embarrasing. I've used Yahoo mail for ages, never had this happen. Gotta be a simple explanation. I send emails out as a musician to places looking for work, and often cut and paste a pre designed message from M Word to the message section on email, after having typed in the email address and subject line, something like "entertainment". And then a BCC usually. I've been doing this for months and now suddenly they keep "piggybacking" on one another, that is when I check the sent file, it shows 3 or more different emails went at one time to different people. Talk about embarrasing.
I've tried not BCC ing but that didn't work. OK, I'm not a spring chicken anymore, but this is nuts. I feel embarrassed even sending this. What would make one email pile on top of another. It doesn't look like that when I send it. Only afterwards.
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Have you tried the quick fix tool, as it may spot something that is causing this:

Does this happen if you try and send emails to anyone in your contact list, say friends etc, or only to those that you manually type?


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this only happens when I send to people already on my contact list, for some reason. I have tried the yahoo help place but nothing really addresses what my problem is. For now I am using an old Juno account I've had forever. Seems to be OK thus far.
Hmm, and in the Yahoo account it looked okay on the drafting page, as in only the one email address?

What happens if you do a test and draft one, use one of your friends as a contact instead of business, and save the draft (that is, don't send, just save for later).

If you go to the Inbox and back to Drafts, does it still show as one person? If so, see what happens when you send it to that one person.
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