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Not sure in which forum to post this - apologies if I made the wrong decision!

Does anyone by any chance use the program 'Batchrun' in conjunction with XXCopy?
I have the latest (x64) versions of both installed in Win7 x64; both work fine,
but there are problems when a batchrun script contains a .bat file including
XXCopy commands.…. when I include a .bat file containing XXCopy lines in my .brs
file, I get a message saying 'XXCopy is not recognised as an internal or
external command, operable program or batch file….' And yet if I run the .bat
file itself, rather than via Batchrun, it works just fine.

As a simple example, if I have a .brs file like this:

Filename: Flightplan.bat
Working Dir: C:\Program Files (x86)\Batchrun\

And the batch file Flightplan.bat reads:

XXCopy "E:\My Documents\Flightplans\" "D:\New Flightplans\" /CLONE

Although the latter script runs fine when I double-click on it, I get the errors
I mentioned above when I run the same script through Batchrun...

Any help appreciated. (Can't locate any group or forum for Batchrun)


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Not open for further replies.