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Xteq XSetup Icon

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I recently deleted Xteq X-Setup from my computer but in my Control Panel Window the Icon is still there. No matter what I do I cant get rid of it eventhough the software is no longer in my system
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If you're running TweakUI, you should be able to remove it in there under "control panel". That is if it still shows up in there after being removed otherwise etc.
Hope this helps
The Icon is not showing up in the add/remove list it is listed in the control panel window itself along with other icons of the control Panel
Try a "Find" for *.cpl, the control panel thingies live in Windows/System as xxxxxx.cpl. Not sure what Xteq's is called since I'm not currently running it, and it's probably gone from there as well.
On second thought it may live under Program Files/Xteq but I'm sure you've gotten rid of that as well.
Trying to re-install & uninstall again sounds like an excercise in futility.
You could search the registry for leftover references to Xteq but be darned careful about wanton trimming in there. (Back it up first, etc)
Damn you're good that was it...learn something new everyday!!!!
I never considered myself that good, actually it's all I could think of at that point...
That's the best way to learn how to deal with these types of things - the TSG forums!!!!
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