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I purchased XP but have been told by several people to wait another few months to install it so that the bugs can be worked out? Should I wait and ,if so, how long?
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If you purchased XP now, you should install it now. I am running XP, and every time there is a bug update, there is this thing called Windows Update. It will tell you (when you are connected to the internet) if there is an update. It will ask you if you want to download and install now. If you keep the same box you currently have, the cd inside will not change. Microsoft might come out with a second edition, but if you keep XP for more than 30 days (or whatever the return policy of the store you bought it at is), you cannot return it.

So, either install it now, or return it.

Also, what OS are you currently running?

Definatly install it now, I just did a friends new AMD XP1700 system and when I was all done I just did the Windows update, works great no problem tl all.
Thanks for responding to my question about installing XP. Right now I'm using Millennium Me. I probably will install XP this weekend when I have time to make sure everything is up and running OK. Do I have to be concerned about my current software programs? Is there a chance they won't be compatible?

Here's a link that might help you out with some answers

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