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XP won't boot in any shape or form and I don't know why

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Hey first of all thanks to any one who takes time to read this.
It's windowsxp
THE PROBLEM- My computer starts up but when your supposed to see the windows so logo and loading bar, I see a black screen instead. It won't boot in any of the modes by using F8 like safe mode I just see some lines of text at the top of the screen and then nothing more after that. My product recovry windows Xp disc won't work either after going through it for a while loading things I end up at a blue screen saying if you havnt seen this message before just restart but if you have start in safe mode.

The last thing I did on my computer was have the xp service pack 3 install but we had a power cut right when it was doing it's automatic restart after installation. But I don't see how that could of afected it so much.

Any advice that gets my of working again will be awarded with some cash on paypal for there good work

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When you get the blue screen - does it give an error code? If so what is the code? Try and include as much info on what the blue screen is actually saying.

Nice offer on the paypal front, but I would ask that if this forum provides the answers you need - that you donate to the site instead.
I have the exact same problem brought on in the same manner. I was thinking it was my machine but it doesn't surprise me that MS is behind this.
If you can get to the Safe Mode screen (press F8 at boot up) - one of the other options is "Last known good configuration" - try that one - it may just solve your problem.....
I think I speak for both of us when I say that when selecting "Safe-Mode" from the start-up (or by pushing F8) we get lines of text quickly scrolling up the screen only to freeze within a couple of seconds.

That goes for ANY and ALL of the "Safe-Mode" options.

As for the "Last known good configuration" when selected, it acts like it's going to boot showing the Windows Splash Screen along with the timer bar but then the screen suddenly goes to a dark grey (not Blue, Black, White or Green). There is just enough signal being sent to the monitor to keep it from completely Blacking-Out.
I think I'm having the same problem except I was able to get it to run a diagnostic test, and got a message like:
IDE Disk - Read Test - Fail Error code: 0F00:0244
msg block: uncorrectable data error or media write protected.
Got all that and can't go any farther. Don't know what to do....
sounds like both of you have hard disk's difficult to give "both of you" the same advice - as problems may well be unrelated. Delldummy - you're hard disk is shot! Buy new. Post back if you need advice. not to speak on others' behalf - especially if you've come in on thread. If you can't get into safe could well be problems with page file or master boot record that is causing the problem.
In fairness... Jim - you need to start a new post, so that your problem can be addressed independently.
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