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XP will not shut down

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I usually leave my pc on 24-7 with the occasional reboots--but about a week ago i choose to shut down (off) and my pc did shut down, but then turned itself back on and rebooted! I have tried to shut down all week, but it keeps rebooting--
i have noticed that right b4 the desktop dissappears and error or pop-up of some kind appears--but XP reboots before i have a chance to see it--
And now upon reboot my system32 folder is open!!! I have not installed or made ANY changes to my pc in weeks--the last time i received sys32 on reboot was an invalid reg line--But i havent done anything!!
nothing makes any sense with this OS
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go to the microsoft knowledge base-this is a known issue w/xp and there is a fix there-just don't know exactly where.
try this:
right click on my computer > properties > advanced > startup and recovery (settings) > uncheck the automatically restart. it may be you're hitting some BSOD on shutdown that gives you a reboot instead of shutdown.

just a thought.....the 1st thing i would try.
here's the link to the M$ shutdown troubleshoot page for XP
Ok great thanx everyone, i'll give it a look
I am now getting my System32 folder upoon reboot--so I cleared "restart win on errors" and then shut down.. an error popped up saying something about Kbdclass.sys--to be more exact-

STOP: 0X0000007E (OXCOOOOOO5, OXF7B81941, OXF7C909C0, 0XF7C906C0)

Kbdclass.sys - Address F7B81941 base @ F7B81000, Datestamp 3b6bbab3

Not sure if i needed to post all of that--but if anyone can help that would be great--looked @ various microsoft sites with no luck--

thanx in advanced~
almost looks like you might have a keyboard problem. do you have another one you can try?
no not @ the moment..could it be a conflict between a certian program/hardware and my keyboard? last thing i added was a wireless mouse--
try uninstalling the mouse - since everything started after you installed the mouse, try uninstalling it to see if that was the problem.
wireless mouse...meaning it is mostly a USB connection. The software must have messed up somehow. Remove the wireless mouse.

Use a regular PS2 mouse, boot to safe mode.
Keep tapping the F8 key after teh first screen comes up when you restart. Choose Safe Mode.
Uninstall the software from Add Remove Programs.
Also check in the Device Manager - Right click on My Computer > Properties.
Select hardware tab and click on Dev Manager. Under Mice and Other Pointing Devices, right click and uninstall.
Also look under Keyboard and uninstall the new one that you installed (if it is listed).

Restart and see if that works.
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