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XP voice-recognition software?

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i'm quadriplegic and totally paralyzed except for limited use of my left hand only. i type with my middle finger. yesterday, i read the following post on a disability message board. i have XP home edition. i bought the pc from dell;they included wordperfect, not word, so we re-installed my word97.

where is this voice-recognition prgm located? can i, too, utilize it? i cannot find it! :confused:


XP has free built-in speech recognition
i was thinking about buying speech recognition (prob dragon) and i did a search and found "xp speech rec". i went to the article... said it was built-in as long as i had word2002 or worksSuite. all. i had to do was train it (need a micropohone too). the more i use it the better it reads my voice. i'm using v.r. now and occasionally correcting the s.w. using the keyboard. doesn't xp mean xp home? try your help menu (type in 'voice recognition). works great once you train it. i love it so it's built-in to xp so v.r. is free (need a microphone).
---------------------------------------------------------------------I have win/xp home, and it has built in speech recognition. A nice surprise! Have fun...
How big a problem is making corrections? Dragon corrections make it faster to hunt and peck than to use the system. I'm sure others are much better with voice recognition than me though.
---------------------------------------------------------------------the more you train v.r. the better. everytime there's an error, i add the pronunciation to the menu. i figure in a couple of weeks it should be 95% -- at least that's what the program says.
It's part of Office XP and probably Office 2003. It's not part of Win XP.
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downtime, ty very much!

i must need some files, i think, b/c i cannot get it to work...what'd be the proper settings in ctrl speech?

i shall undoubtably return,
joy ;)
ahhhhhhhhh :(

ty very much, :)

i guess a blind person would use text-to-speech, so i'm glad ms included it. i'll check this link for speech-to-text. u were kind to post it.

nope...none use XP... :(

ty, tho... :confused:
my friend's son found this. please! i need opinions! :)

"Speech SDK 5.1 for Windows® applications

The Microsoft® Speech SDK 5.1 adds Automation support to the features of the previous version of the Speech SDK. You can now use the Win32 Speech API (SAPI) to develop speech applications with Microsoft Visual Basic® and other development systems that use Automation.

The SDK also includes freely distributable text-to-speech engines (in U.S. English and Simplified Chinese) and speech recognition engines (in U.S. English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese).

Speech SDK 5.1 replaces version 5.0, and Speech API (SAPI) version 5.1 is binary compatible with SAPI 5.0. If you are developing speech-enabled desktop applications for Windows®, make sure to download this most recent version of the Speech SDK. "

Speech SDK 5.1
68 MB Download File

5.1 Language Pack
81.5 MB Download File

Redist.: All
131.58 MB Download File

Redist.: Mike and Mary
3.58 MB Download File

2.28 MB Download File

please check these links and give your opinions! ;)
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