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Ok, heres my setup

Two hard disks:

Hard Disk 1: NTFS WinXP Corporate (C: in XP)
FAT Partition for files (was G: in XP:)

Hard Disk 2: Linux Partitions
NTFS partition for file storage (D: in XP)

The problem is this:

I only created the second partition on hard disk one recently to share
files between my XP and Linux setups (theres no read/write NTFS driver
for Linux). However, I also recently installed PGP Personal Security
7.02 and have had a few problems with it so I decided to use System
Restore to my last restore point. I only did this because after
uninstalling PGP I was still getting strange problems.

All sounds well BUT the last restore point was before I created the
FAT partition on hard disk one. Nevertheless XP booted correctly, but
the minute it got to the login screen everything halted, I cannot move
the mouse, keyboard or anything. While all this is happening the
system still appears to be loading, ie the hard drive is still
accessing and I can hear my scanner initialise. But I cant use the
mouse or keyboard. Nothing works but a hard reset.

On a second boot XP stated that drive d: (which should be my NTFS
partition on hard disk 2 was out of sync and ran scan disk. Obviously,
Windows is now mistaking the second partition on hard disk 1 as D: and
not the NTFS partition on hard disk 2.
So I tried all the standard fixes, safe mode etc you name it but no
luck. Windows locks on the login screen and only a reset gets it out
of it. I tried restoring the last known good configuration but again
no luck, the same problem occurs (I think because windows boots
correctly - at least in theory this was never going to work).

I tried entering repair mode afrer booting with my windows xp cd but
again no luck. I also tried Partition Magic (DOS version). It is
reporting the FAT partition on hard disk 1 as c: even though the NTFS
partition is set as active and primary. I tried hiding the FAT
partition on hard disk 1 and even deleting it but no luck still.

I (stupidly) did not make rescue disks for win xp nor did I for norton
utilities, something I am now killing myself over. Could these help me
in any way?, anyone know where I can get them from?. Does anybody have
any idea what I can do?, this problem has got me totally stumped.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

[email protected]
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