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XP SP1 - 1a

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I downloaded XP SP1 over the net(dial up) very silly. I lost applets and made the connecion very slow so I did a restore. Obtained a disk for SP1a and the same thing happened. I had many Microsoft Techs. (6 at least)trying to fix the problem but couldnt help.
I did another restore but applett trouble again I had to then download Microsoft Virtual machine and Java. This seems to have fixed the problem but not sure if XPSP is there or not . Win Downloads say No but installation history says yes. No mention under System Properties.
Would you be able to advise on how to install Service Pack1a without all the problems,
It was mentioned to me that Norton Anti Virus or Internet Security may have been the problem but I turned them off for the second installation. TVM
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tried this not installed!
Rude, Cryptographic Service already on Automatic.
When I installed SP1 and SP1a both times I lost applets (did restore both times) comp fine now but still no SP's should I try again with SP1a disk?
Im worried that Ill have lots of problems again.
Microsoft techs could not help on this matter. Thanks
Thanks all for your help.Reinstalled no problems this time except for Blaster coming in applied patch after installing. p.s. MSlaugh tried to enter but rejected it in Norton is that the right thing to do? (sounded sus. so said no)
TVM Skivvywaver installed SP1Aa today from disk, all is fine so far . Thanks again!
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