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I am having to do a clean install after a suspected boot sector virus on my main HDD, a WD SATA Raptor 74GB.

Mobo is MSI K8N Platinum (NForce3)

The problem I am having is that XP will not recognise the HDD. I have installed the SATA & RAID drivers after pressing F6, after which I get the 'Setup is starting Windows' screen for around 10 minutes, and then Setup informs me that I have no HDD connected.

Everything is as it should be in BIOS, all other HDDs have been disconnected.

I have tried everything I know and have now resorted to intalling XP on an IDE drive, just to get a working system. I then hope to sort the SATA HDD out and clone the OS onto it, but I would appreciate any thoughts on what has gone wrong - is it Setup or is my Raptor fried!!?

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