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I'm using an older XP laptop. It is a HP compax nx6115.

It suddenly started running painfully slow. Even opening new tabs in chrome was painful. I couldn't watch videos even on youtube or megavideo without a lot of choppiness.

I ran hijackthis and put the log into and fixed everything it told me to. I ran trend housecall and fixed a couple of problems. I defragmented both my drives. I uninstalled some useless programs. I also used jv16 power tools registry cleaner.

Its much better and I can watch youtube videos I think, but it is still too slow. I can't watch videos on itunes properly, and everything still has lag at frequent intervals.

I also had an issue where if I used chrome, even if there was just one window open, I would have about 4-5 processes of Chrome running.I don't have this issue with firefox. I also have about 10 svchost processes running. The CPU usage keeps spiking to 80-100%..

whats the deal and what can I do to make this laptop usable?


edit: Here are the specs
AMD Turion 64 Mobile
ML - 30
1.6 GHz, 896 MB of RAM

I haven't used a windows machine in a long time, but this doesn't
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