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XP install problem

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Okay so I've installed 95,98,ME and XP tons of times, but this time it's a real ***** =|

Few things:
- I'm installing it on a laptop with a broken DVD drive
- It's got one HD but two partitions
- So I copied the contents of the XP install disc on the D drive, since I want to install it on the C drive

At this point I've got XP installed on both C and D.

The probem is this: When I start the installation procedure (by just entering setup.exe when I'm in XP), instead of copying the temporary installation files to the D drive, it copies it to the C drive.

So after a while I'm in DOS and the setup asks on which partition to install, when I say 'C of course!' it says 'A-ah, I can't, my temporary files are on the C'

Then I'm fckd

So How do I tell the setup to put the temporary files on D?

Or is there another way?
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