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XP Boot fails at windows\system32\config\system

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Stops boot at thread title with message that file is missing or corrupt. To correct use OS CD to repair, when options come up press 'R' this goes to command prompt and you're to use MS Article #307545 and type in a hole string of registry listings - mine stops at second string "copy c:windows\system32\config\system c:\windows\tmp\system.bak" saying it is unable to copy file.

I tried copying the file from another XP machine to load on the failed and windows will not allow me to copy file. So loaded a new XP on separate partition hoping to be able to transfer file - no go. I can see drive C and the file I need is 0 KB (the other machine has like 7340KB, the new install has about 3200KB.

Does not appear to be a virus (I'm behind NAT& Firewall and religious on keeping AV updated as well as all windows updates).
The machine was working fine ( was at TSG), just froze, and been in hell since. Machine works fine with the new XP install - just all the programs and files on C and I'm booting to E, so machine itself is fine.

Any ideas will be appreciated.
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If you have Pro, be sure to allow access to removable drives and floppies in Group Policy for the Recovery Console. That will help with copying next time.

Also, when you get into the RC, you need to set environment variables to allow yourself free access to all files and folders. These variables are not remembered from session to session.

SET AllowWildCards = TRUE
SET AllowAllPaths = TRUE
SET AllowRemovableMedia = TRUE
SET NoCopyPrompt = TRUE
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