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XP Boot fails at windows\system32\config\system

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Stops boot at thread title with message that file is missing or corrupt. To correct use OS CD to repair, when options come up press 'R' this goes to command prompt and you're to use MS Article #307545 and type in a hole string of registry listings - mine stops at second string "copy c:windows\system32\config\system c:\windows\tmp\system.bak" saying it is unable to copy file.

I tried copying the file from another XP machine to load on the failed and windows will not allow me to copy file. So loaded a new XP on separate partition hoping to be able to transfer file - no go. I can see drive C and the file I need is 0 KB (the other machine has like 7340KB, the new install has about 3200KB.

Does not appear to be a virus (I'm behind NAT& Firewall and religious on keeping AV updated as well as all windows updates).
The machine was working fine ( was at TSG), just froze, and been in hell since. Machine works fine with the new XP install - just all the programs and files on C and I'm booting to E, so machine itself is fine.

Any ideas will be appreciated.
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PC_Wiz - thanks for the reply. Yes, did try the "last known" and got the same error message. Latest is now booting to blue screen common XP error, regarding something "less than greater than equal to something" (didn't write in down, but have seen it referenced frequently). Will give the link you provided on Recovery console a good read and try some of the command lines you provided and see what happens. I did manage to copy corrupted file from another computer and pasted into windows sys32 with no joy. Did this by installing second bootable XP HDD C drive and opening failed drive as D.

Again, thanks for the reply - will let you know progress or lack of.
Kicked my butt! Finally just decided to reformat and reinstall XP. Pulled all relevant files from old HDD, reinstalled programs, formatted original HDD (80GB) with 3-partitions, now transfering renewed 60GB HDD with all new data. Will fdisk/partition/format 60G for secondary HDD for imaging primary (WEEKLY!!). Everytime I get lax on backups, get bit in the butt!!:rolleyes:

Thanks again PC_Wiz!:up:
Originally posted by xgerryx:
This sounds like the same problem I had:
Wino, I might be totally off track here but had you by any chance run the new MS update cd
Haven't popped the seal on the Windows update CD, just got it couple of days ago.
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