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xfering msgs to new Outlook Express

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When I did a clean install of WinXP I copied my old C: drive to a CD and also specifically copied all the *.dbx files that were the messages I had in the old Outlook Express (4.0?) program. I can't seem to import these to the new OE. I located the folder that has *.dbx files in my new installation (boy, is it buried deep!). It doesn't list any files in the pane (I know they are there because search shows them there). I copied one of the old files, hold.dbx, to this new folder but it doesn't show up when I open OE. How can I get my old messages into my new OE???

Other than this little quirk I have to say that I really like XP! A clean install, and reloaded all your programs ain't for sissies - but it was worth it.

Thanks for your help.

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each .dbx file represents one of the folders in your local folders

for your example with hold.dbx:

first - move the files out of the directory again so they don't get overwritten

create a folder in OE called hold,
close oe
confirm there's a new file called hold.dbx in the directory
rename it (ie holdX.dbx)
move the hold.dbx file into the directory

open oe, should be there with whatever emails you had in that folder before

OE by itself won't recognize what is in the 'deeply hidden' directory - you have to create the 'reference points' for the files through creating folders in OE that correspond to the file names.
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Keep in mind too that when you copied to CD, they became read-only and aren't usable. Make sure you remove the read-only attribute after copying to your hard drive.
Originally posted by Dreamboat
Keep in mind too that when you copied to CD, they became read-only and aren't usable. Make sure you remove the read-only attribute after copying to your hard drive.
that's what emails are for aren't they...reading ?? LOL

excellent point - i recently saved everything to cd before doing a major reformat to clean up some old and new problems.

after putting eveything back together i found every time i opened a (data) file - there it was read only!
- so had to resave, change some names, etc., etc.
Thanks for the quick reply! I'll try it today.
I also ran into the "read only" problem. I found that I could reset the attribute by clicking on the folder icon, properties, and clearing the Read Only box thereby clearing everything in the folder. A lot faster than doing each one individually!

Thanks again,

I have just upgraded to Windows XP. I didn't back up my
E-MAILS believing it would all be automatic.
The upgrade went smoothly. However like some of the comments
I have read old E-MAIL messages are missing in OUTLOOK EXPRESS. I found the DBX files and they appear to be all my
old E-MAILs. I created a HOLD folder in OE.

I found the HOLD.DBX folder in the directory. I renamed it ie hold.dbx
That's where I am stuck. jbcalg states move the hold.dbx file into
the directory. What directory? I thought that's where I was doing
all above mentioned work.
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sorry for the delay, got sidetracked

the previous example was when the files HAD been backed up to another directory, and he was trying to import them back (hence the renaming and moving)

in your case i'm they may have been overwritten, or else you should be able to see them after the upgrade (although i've upgraded and the files were there afterwards, no probs)

are all the .dbx files in one directory or 2?
are the file sizes big - ie does it seem like there's a bunch of emails in them
check that all your folder names in OE correspond to file names in your directory (ie inbox folder = inbox.dbx, etc)

let us know before you change anything else

you may want to copy that subdirectory as a back up just in case
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