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I'm having trouble playing a video game online using the xbox 360. Here is my current setup:

-Router=BEFW11S4 (V4)
-Modem=Speedstream 5200
-Wireless Gaming Adapter=Linksys WGA45AG

Modem connected To Router Internet Port=Computer one connected to Router port 3. Router is providing wireless internet access to computers 2,3, and XBox 360.

I'm able to log onto Xbox Live without any problem whatsoever but I can't seem to play online games (Call Of Duty 3). I constantly get an error message saying "Cannot Connect To All Players" It does however work when I connect the Xbox 360 directly to the modem. I've tried forwarding ports, setting the Xbox 360 into the DMZ Zone, and using UPNP...Nothing seems to work!!! Plus the Nat shows up as (Strict) when the Xbox is connected via the router---(Open) when connected to the modem.

So my question is, is there any way to get rid of the router and buy a switch in order to share the connection between 3 PC's and the Xbox360??? Something in the Router is setting NAT to strict.

-Router is using latest firmware
-Port Forwarding has been attempted (Failure)
-DMZ'ing has been attempted (Failure)
-Static IP address has been set (Failure)
-UPNP (Failure)
-Direct Connection To Modem (Success)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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