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Xbox 360 network settings zeroed

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The only internet I currently have is through my mobile phone. I use its hotspot to connect my Xbox 360 to the internet for updates and DLC's.

Out of the blue, it stopped working. I then discovered all the network settings on my Xbox (IP address, DNS servers) had been set to zero.

I know the IP address for my hotspot, but not where to put it.

Question is this: What numbers do I manually enter for:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

There's also PPPoE settings which I have no idea about.

Thanks for any help!
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IP address of the hotspot is the gateway

IP address of Xbox360 is in the gateway's subnet (ie if gateway ip =, ip of xbox should be in this range: - This IP is often assigned automatically by DHCP on the router/hotspot. Only set it if you need a static IP.

Subnet mask for home networks is often, but depends how many devices are on the network. Use that with < 255.

Primary/Secondary DNS is often set as/inherited from the gateway IP, but you could set it to public DNS like Google ( and

These settings should be set automatically for you when you join the hotspot's wireless network.
Is the Xbox 360 joined to the hotspot's wireless network?

On the Xbox 360, you should be able to select the wireless network name (SSID) from a list and enter it's password. You set SSID and password when you set up the hotspot on the phone.

more info on Xbox 360 wireless networking here:

Do you have any other devices that can join this hotspot? Would help to determine if problem is with Xbox or hotspot.
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Thank you for your answer!

Unfortunately, it is still unable to connect.

Yes, other devices can connect to the hotspot. I actually used my chromebook to verify what gateway and IP address it was using through the hotspot, then used that gateway value and a slightly different IP. Still nothing.

Yes, my hotspot network is visible on the Xbox and my password is valid.

This seems to be an XBox issue, yet none of their technicians have been able to figure it out (via calls and chats).

Going forward, I can think of two solutions.
1) I need to also fill out the values listed as Additional Settings. These are:
PPPoE Username, Password, and Service Name. Also Host Name.

2) Something seriously wrong must have happened for this to get to this stage. If I can find out what caused all these values to get locked in at zero, I can possibly address it.
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First thing that jumps out at me is your DATA cap on your Phone. What's the maximum GIG limit and have you reached it?
Thanks for your question!

I actually have unlimited data; and 15GB of hotspot data of which I have used almost none.
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