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Would like to edit an old android app, is this ok?

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Hello all,

I've only just discovered an app called the sci scanner. Here's a demonstraion of the app:

Now, as far as I can tell, this app was on google play. But it rubbed right up against the star trek licence. As a result, google took it down just to be safe.

I reached out to the official group on facebook, and they said it was no longer being supported. Still, I found an old APK of the app in question. And it worked! It just won't let you buy a licence w/out google play.

So, since the creator seems to have abandoned the app, I would like to pick it up and make some changes to it. for my own use. I have no intention of selling it, or even giving it away.

First of all, is this ok? Becuase I would, absolutely buy it, if I could find a place to get a licenese. But there doesn't seem to be a place to do that.
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Ask the original owner for those permissions and explain what you would like to do.
I've tried to ask for permission, I even tried asking if there was a way I could pay for the app to be unlocked on their facebook page. I got a reply saying that the owner was no longer working on it, as there wasn't really a way to get it onto google play any longer.
Hmm, so it is not be claimed, it was abandoned. You purely just want to tinker with it for yourself? And not sell it, or distribute it?

I just don't know about the legal ramifications. My first instinct is to say it should be fine, but I wanted to double check.
Well, just as long as you keep it for yourself it is probably fine.
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