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Ok to start off, I work at mobil.
At Mobil i'm kinda the go to tech guy, mostly because everyone else hasn't even heard of a processor...
Anyway all mobil petrol stations in new zealand, and shell's aswell, use the same computer system, called the 8850.
This system is based on windows..... 3.1.....

I restarted the system the other day because nobody else has heard of a restart button before and came up to the system menu.

"K6 AMD processor" Can't remember the exact mhz but i think it was about 120...
16mb of ram...

And YET, this is an incredibly reliable system that has worked since before I was born. It hardly ever crashes, and it can keep up with 3 transactions at once. One system can even control 2 consoles, meaning that essentially this 120mhz and 16mb of ram can keep track of 9 transactions at once without freezing or slowing down.

I think that this is pretty amazing considering the amount of problems people have getting basic things to work on xp, vista and 7!

So I was wondering what is the worst/oldest pc that you know of that is still useful?

Im really curious!

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I am currently working on an old test system at work that uses an HP 9836 computer running HP Basic. I think the processor is some version of 68000. A couple of HP-IB devices aren't working so we are trying to reverse engineer the software fo find the password for the test utilities menu. It was designed in the mid 1980s so nobody left who knows anything about it.
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