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World of warcraft crashes But ...

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Okay, so I'm playing World of Warcraft and then it crashes. But that's not all! My computer like degrades into this. ( I cant play any games or go on internet explorer. I then have to restart my computer. (it happends like once every 2 days) Here's a picture.
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woah ok lol looks like a graphic problem, are there any errors that appear? if so post em here, what sort of card you have? and is it a possibility it is overheating?
No errors that appear
I use a Nvidia Gforce 6150 LE
I'm not sure but, i'd hear like every 4 hours these like Weird sounds lol. It last for like 1 second its like static in a beep lol
What are your full specs? That graphics card is incredibly old, its probably overheating and artifacting, or its dieing on you. Ill assume thats an AGP card since its that old so you would need to buy alot of new parts to get your PC in good shape again if the graphics card is dieing.
Just a suggestion, Have you tried reinstalling DirectX 9c? And any updated video drivers.
Looks like something is shutting down and your losing 3D and it's defaulting to 256 color.

Thinking if the card was failing it would have artifacts, (Like warp speed on your monitor) or lose display all together. *Could be wrong, but most card failure I've seen has artifacts.*
That pic just looks like "safe mode" where basic display drivers are loaded and no 3D drivers.

Also be sure your PC is clean inside. No dust buildup on your fans and heat sinks.
If you suspect heat, try leaving the side case off and using a small household fan to blow cool air in.
MS Windows XP SP2
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core Processor 3800+, 958 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE
1024MB Memory
300GB Hard Drive

(Btw if its artifacting and Overheating, i should just clean out all the dust? Come to think of it, I leave it on all day sometimes (now i'll remember not to) and never clean it out)

(also, What does artifacting mean?)
Usually, if a card is overheating it will show 'artifacts', weird glitches in the display. These can come in the form of dots all over, lines in the wrong places, graphics in the wrong places, any weird kind of error. is an example, although that might not even be real artifacting.

Your card does not appear to be artifacting, it's just going into a 256 color mode. Get the latest drivers for your card from and see if that helps.
Okay, i downloaded newest drivers, so far no more of that weird grahpic thing yay =D. (But later on in the week i'm gonna clean out all the dust in my computer lol.)
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