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Word Document Not completing on an HP printer (PCL 3)

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I have had issues printing a Specific Word doc and a Specific PowerPoint document.
os Windows 10 v 1903
office 365
printers HP Officejet pro 9015, HP Officejet pro 9025 (both are PCL 3)

Symptoms when I printed directly for Word, the 7 page document would print 3 pages stop in the middle of page 4 print only a partial line then eject a blank page.

If I printed a PDF from Word and then sent the PDF to the printer, it printed the whole document.
I printed the Word document on a HP Laser Jet (PCL 6) and all 7 pages printed fine.

Other documents and pictures printed without a problem.

I reinstalled all drivers and verified latest Firmware. (With HP Support help.)

I finally resolved the problem by changing the FONTS in the document.

I reported to HP that the Font "Saturday Script" was the issue.

I hope this will help someone else.
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