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Word 2003 File New corruption / rulers wonky!

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2 problems - think started the same time, so may be connected.Wonder if it happened about the time new Explorer was downloadedlast month or two.

Word seems to have got the outside page rulers corrupted so they show 72 something across and 58 s/th down. and paper size is wrong shape

although the paper, layout and margins on the Page setup tab show normal A4 and what I would expect them to be...and measurements in cm.

When I open an existing file, the margins are ok, but the rulers still show 72 x 58... which is not good when I'm doing precision tables.. but when I do the page opens with everything wrong - margins, page size shot to pieces, but page setup tab is correct.

Have reloaded several times, and so I'm pretty sure it's s/th to do with the File...New code.

Have also tried changing page setup and ruler tabs as per advice, but they are correct on the boxes.

Please help - it's not the end of the world, but joly annoying!
Do you have an answer?
thank you xxxx
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If your problem is ONLY the ruler unit, then no need to resinstall Office
You can change the unit from Inch to cm in Tools->Options
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