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wont let me delete it (????????)

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i have a folder in my windows temp folder that says this on it
pft7196~TMP it says this folder is 12.5gb in size i know this must be
some kind of mistake but it wont let me delete this folder as whenever
i try to it says this is too big for recycle bin do you want to permanently delete
i say yes then it says "cannnnot delete _l_y___1: the filename is invalid or too long
the y in the filename has what looks like a dot above each tip of the y and the folder
is full of these wierd filenames can any one help me out here as im going mad trying to figure
it out myself..
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You may need to delete it from DOS. In WinME you will have to use a startup disk to access a DOS prompt. The following commands should work:

cd c:\windows
deltree temp

exit or ctrl-alt-del to restart windows.

If smartdrv does not run, the DOS deletion may take some time to complete.

When you enter the deltree command you will be prompted to confirm. Make sure the target directory (temp) is indicated before pressing 'y'.
Try this: Boot to the command prompt C:\>

And type
cd windows (press enter)
Smartdrv.exe (press enter)
deltree temp (press enter)

At the next prompt type win and press enter to restart windows

This will remove the entire Windows\temp Folder
You started Smartdrive to speed up the process. Otherwise you could have a very long wait.
thanks will post back and let you know how i get on
that one didnt work im afraid rollin i even tried going into safe mode and i still get the same error message.

any other ideas would be of great help with this one mate.

thanks again!
Can you be more specific about what happened? Were you able to get to a true DOS prompt? To my knowlege, this should be as doable in WinME as Win9x once you have the c:\windows\> prompt up.

Another possibility is deleting the folder without sending it to the recycle bin: shift>right click>delete

Will it allow you to rename it?

I'm going to merge this one with you post in the OS forum so it will get more exposure.
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