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won't boot again

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back again

PC chips motherboard M754
600 mhz celeron
when computer is started it doesn't even start monitor

hard drive starts, then cd-rom then they both shut down and nothing happens.
its and intermittent thing. I shcnged the battery and the ram. it started to work. Then all of a sudden it stopped booting up again. Is this a coflict, bios setup or what. It's acting really wierd.

Also replaced the ide cable.
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The symptoms sound like a bad power supply. When you turn the computer on do the lights from the CD ROM and HD sort of flicker back and forth? Did the computer used to work okay? What is the watts of your power supply and have you added more equipment, cards,DVD's etc? Mine worked for about a month then sometimes wouldn't start up the monitor or load Windows and I replaced the power supply (actually the whole case) and it has worked ever since.
You might want to goto the MSDN library and look under keyword Bios bootstrap and your answer might be there. Follow the yellow brick road ..........
Took the computer to a computer shop to be checked.

everythhing easy checked out fine. Then we put the cpu in a GA-6VTXE motherboard. It posted perfect. Ended up puting that motherboard in and throwing the M754 away. Thanks for the suggestions but as it turned out it was a more serios problem than was anticipated.

Everything works better than ever with the gigabyte board
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