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Bear since I'm posting on behalf of my parents who are a thousand miles away and nominally computer literate, and impossible to tech-talk over the phone :eek:

The equipment:
Mac laptop
DSL service
Linksys wireless G router (3yrs old, model unknown)

Both machines had connectivity (wired and wirelessly, respectively) until recently for some unknown reason. The mac's airport strength indicator is dead, i.e. no signal indicated which to me means it's not communicating with the router (is that accurate?).

The desktop is currently connected directly to modem and the router is out of the picture. A new router was hooked up (by a literate 3rd party) to no avail, so I don't think the router is the problem.

Is there something to check w.a router setting that may have affected why the router isn't communicating w.the mac wirelessly? The airport status indicates 'ON' and the airport evidently sees 'linksys' so what the what?!

I have spent hours trying to troubleshoot them and I'm going mad.:(

I know it's not the best info but can you suggest anything to have them try?

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