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Wireless printing for Brother MFC-L200D

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I recently got to know about printer servers which enable wireless printing for wired printers.

My printer is a Brother MFC-L2700D. Is there any printer server which can support this?
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I can't find anything online for Brother MFC-L200D are you sure that's the correct model name ?
Hi Allan,

It should be
Brother Multifunctional MFC L2700D.
Hi, thanks for the correction.

Try this for Windows 7 :-

Or this for Windows 8 or higher :-

Basically you just use an ordinary PC with a wired connection to the printer as the server and any other computer on your Local Area Network (LAN) as a client, clients can be connected to the LAN by ethernet cable or by wireless.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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