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Wireless Internet

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I currently have Cogeco Cable for my internet service. Now I'm gonna get a Toshiba Satellite laptop and I want to know how I would go about getting a wireless connection for it. I have no experience at all with anything like this, so I need to know in detail. Can I still use Cogeco, or will I have to get another ISP that supports wireless internet? If I can still use Cogeco, how would I make it wireless? And so on.
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Your ISP should allow it... if you are worried about getting into legal trouble, you can contact them and ask how many computers you are allowed to connect wirelessly.

I would buy a router (802.11 G is the newest and fastest) and hook it up to the modem. Then, I would by a few wireless reciever PCI cards, and put them in the computers you would like to connect. Be sure they are either 802.11g or 802.11b if you use an 802.11g router.

You will also want to buy a router with a built in firewall, enable WEP, MAC, and disable TCP/IP and enable NetBEUI.

Hope this helps, and if you need any other help, post back! :)
The easier way would be to get a pci wireless card for the computer that already connects to the internet and a wireless card that fits a laptop. Then set them up for a point to point connection so that the comp and tha laptop talk through the wireless cards and then enable internet connection sharing.

This way you dont risk wasting money if a wireless router cant connect to your modem. Also if your only going to have the laptop connecting wirelessly, it would be a wate of money getting a wireless router.
OK, so if I only wanted my laptop to connect wirelessly, what exactly would I have to do?
Good idea WhiteStar.

You would get a wireless PCI card and plug it into the computer that is connected to the modem. Then you would get another Wireless PCI card and plug it into the laptop.
OK, and how much do PCI cards cost?
First you will want a pci card for the computer with the modem.
I suggest the netgear WG311. The most i have seen this for is $70.00

Next, depending on what laptop from the satellite series your going to get, you might need the netgear WG511 card. The most ive seen this for is $70.00

I know these may seem expensive, but these are the most expensive price ive seen these for so you can get them for about $45 - $50 each. Also you dont have to go with the netgear ones. There are other companies that do these although i suggest buying the cards made by the same company. This way you know that they will work together.
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