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Wiping data but.....

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HI. I have an old tablet that I don't use anymore. I want to wipe it clean but I do want to keep a couple of games (apps) and my Google books. Is there a way you can erase everything but be able to keep a handle full of items?

My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S from 2014.
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Seems like you could download the games again. Can you copy the books to an SD card?
To save a selected amount of contents on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2014, the following would have to be considered.
A manual deletion process

It is best to backup the files you want to keep and download the game you want to keep again.
This is my opinion.
This thread is about 3.5 weeks old and the OP hasn't responded to it since the initial post. Probably moot at this point ...
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