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Could someone please give me the link to download free winzip 8.0
for windows 98
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I don't believe Winzip was ever free, although you could always download evaluation versions, could be wrong though.
Anyway you can get Winzip 8 here......

I also offered you a free alternative here...........
I use Just Zip it. A free wonderful utility:
Sorry it was evaluation versions,I just know I did not pay, also check the windows update for explorer update and found it, there is also alot of other updates should you download all update are remove them,and if you remove them next time you update will they come back

Confusion reins.WinZip eval. runs out but still fully functional.I download updates cautiously,[email protected] time;if 1 gives problems,as they do,use add/remove programsand they
are cleanly uninstalled.The microsoft site may be confused with your update history,
but system scan will sort that out.Select the updates you want,the others are not downloaded so 'they won't come back' to haunt you.
Kitch, I went to link you provided to download winzip 8.0
where do I download this to.
Also after download can you give me step by step as to what to do next?
It doesn't matter where you download it to, as long as you can find it after.
Then just double click the file, run Setup & follow the prompts.
How about a free archiver that handles nearly all archive types, including zip?

Kitch, Thank you I have not done this yet but consider this solved as you have answered my question.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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