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Winzip question

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I was just reading a thread in the Security forum about the critical updates for 2003. One of them was updating the Winzip. My question is, how do I know what version of Winzip I have? I know I DO have it, because I have unzipped several things. :) . I've looked, but I can't find a folder or anything for it. The page for the update said to direct it to install overtop of the existing Winzip folder, but I don't know where that is?

I checked the Windows Update site, and it didn't give me a critical update, so does this mean that I have, in fact, got the updated version of Winzip?
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open winzip.. under the help menu on the toolbar, goto about winzip and the first line in the body will read winzip followed by ur version....
But my question was, how do I find Winzip? I can't find it to open it? It's not in my programs list, I looked all through "My Computer," and I did a search for "winzip" and it said no results found. :confused:
hi Laura

are you sure you are using winzip to open zip folders

i have windows i just use the compressed zip folder function that comes with

windows to open zip files.

just a thought
Hmmm....well, in that case, I have no idea, lol.

I just got a new computer with Windows XP on it, and I just assumed that whatever it was that opened the zipped files was WinZip. On my old one, with Windows 98, I had to download a WinZip to open that stuff, on this one, I didn't, it was already there, so I just assumed it was WinZip.

When I right click on a zipped file, I have an option that says "extract all files." That looked like what it used to say on my old computer, too, though, which is why I thought it was still WinZip.

I didn't even know there was "something else" that would unzip files!
Thats an easy assumtion to make LauraMJ, and maybe not an incorrect one. It looks like WinZip and acts like it also, just in a Windows kind of way : )

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