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WinXP boot - but an explorer window is open

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Im typing from a friends computer...

When it boots up in one or another "personality" - there is an explorer window open. This is not good, since I set this up so their kids dont have ADMIN abilities which tends to crater the machine.

The window always comes up in : C:\WINDOWS\system32

(which is just great! grrrrr)

Now, on my OWN PC, I have Windows Explorer in my Startup folder because I use it all the time to work with the real files. (I'd never get anything down clicking on OPEN, etc)

But that is not the case here.

I have no idea... other than this AIM Smily Faces program they cried to get to get on their computer (I question such programs) but a quick search with google didn't seem to raise any red flags.

(On a previous LOG_OFF, I had to quite the Smilyfaces to log off).

No other software has been installed. Spybot comes up clean.

When this account comes up, what is loaded is:
AIM (ready for someone to enter their username/pw), Pop Up stopper and Pop Up Scanner (Stops AIM pop Ups among other things) - free goodies from Panicware. Norton AV... thats it.

Thanks for any help on this...
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Perhaps this MS article will help:;EN-US;170086


"Use Registry Editor to view the following two Windows registry keys:


Verify that all the values in these keys do not contain any incorrect, incomplete, or null entries (such as ""). "
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