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winTV wil not work?

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hi everyone

winTV will not launch? i get the message:-

window failed to launch, another program may be using the driver?

any ideas?

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plz help someone i tried re-installing the software but nothing doing
Post your system specs and if it worked before and you are using winXP try using system restore.
system specs are:-
P4 2.66GHz
2 X 120Gb Hard Drives
128Mb MX 440 graphics
WinTV tv card
Hercules soundcard
system restore won't work coz i just downloaded some windows updates(tried)
That message can happen if you have installed another decoder software program such as winDVD which conflicts with the winTV decoder. If you have any such programs uninstall them then..........

..........Have you tried uninstalling the software, power down, remove the card, install the original CD software drivers power down then pop the card in and reboot.
i have tried re-installing hardware and software, i tried a diagnostic startup, nothing? i do not have winDVD only powerDVD but it worked b4 with that so that ain't it, also i recently downloaded windows updates and service packs could these have caused any problems?
Please don't post the same problem in multiple forums. It causes confusion when the same topic is being replied to in two different forums. If anyone wants to reply, please use the link below to the original thread in the Windows XP forum. This is closed a duplicate post. Thanks ...
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