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Winsock32.dll Missing?

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Hello, I have been having trouble with my isp service and they gave me a list of possible causes and I checked them all out but this one stands out! A missing or incorrect size of my winsock32.dll! When i went to check the size I found out that it is not on my pc at all, and i even looked in the HIDDEN FILES and the whole computer and it says it does not exist. Can you please tell me where to find the download for this winsock32.dll? I looked all over Microsoft knowledge base and could not find it anywhere! Please let me know where i can download and get this dll on my pc and Thank You very much for your time, by the way i have WINDOWSXP HOME EDITION! TOM
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Hi tom... before I send you chasing after a dll... I have to ask have you ran an UPDATED VIRUS SCANNER ?
Savvylady: Yes, I just got rid of the w32/cholera2 virus and i am completely clean now! Updated and througholy checked out! I made the mistake of not running a updated scan first when i came back from vacation, i never do that mistake again.
ok tom... thats where your winsock32.dll went too
I'll have to find the info..... give me some time
OK, No rush and Thank YOU TOM
Im still looking... this is a haed one to find
well doggie!!!I can' find anything'
Tom... sorry I was not able to find winsock32.dll

However in checking around I have found

There is no winsock32.dll

There is a winsock.dll, a wsock32.dll and a wsock.vxd though

So... you need to find out exactly which it is you need... then perhaps the URL in tpb's post is where to find it.

Hope you find it
The file you actually need is wsock32.dll.

People when they talk about this file have a tendency to call is winsock32.dll. In fact it is a winsock file, but the actual name is wsock32.dll.

Try that one and see if it works.
If it's the wsock32.dll you need, I put a copy of mine (XP) here:
Thank you Savvy Lady for looking for me, like Brooke says it is probably the wrong name but that was the name AOL my ISP used, Thank you Brooke for corrected me and TPB Thank you for the download, I used the correct name wsock32.dll and found it on my pc, but i will keep this extra copy (incase) You were all great Thanks again, TOM
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