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Winscomrssrv.dll & StartupCheckLibrary.dll errors at startup

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Good night folks.

I am having these two errors when booting up my windows 11 laptop.

Rectangle Font Material property Screenshot Parallel

Please find attached the two logs for the Farbar Recovery Tool as I found suggested to use that on another thread.

Could you give me hand with this ?

Many Thanks.



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Hi, Zeta.

Please, adhere to the guidelines below, and then carefully follow, with the same order, all the instructions after:

1. Always ask before acting. Do not continue if you are not sure, or if something unexpected happens!

2. Do not run any tools unless instructed to do so. Also, do not uninstall or install any software during the procedure, unless I ask you to do so.

3. If your computer seems to start working normally, don't abandon the topic. Even if your system is behaving normally, there may still be some malware remnants left over. Additionally, malware can re-infect the computer if some remnants are left. Therefore, please complete all requested steps to make sure any malware is successfully eradicated from your PC.

4. You have to reply to my posts within 3 days. If you need some additional time, just let me know. Otherwise, I will leave the topic due to lack of feedback. If you are able, I would request you to check this thread at least once per day so that we can resolve your issues effectively and efficiently.

5. Logs from malware diagnostic or removal programs can take some time to get analyzed. Also, have in mind that all the experts here are volunteers and may not be available to assist when you post. Please, be patient, while I analyze your logs.


Please allow me some time to review your logs and return to you when I am ready.
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Hi, Zeta.

Unfortunately there are signs of KMSpico service in your logs. This is used to illegally activate Microsoft's products, such as Windows or Office.

How we proceed:

1. If Office is illegally activated,
please uninstall it. In any case, my instructions will ask you to remove KMSpico, and this means that Office will stop being activated, and therefore it will stop working properly.

2. If Windows is illegally activated, I can't help you, until you buy a legal license. A pirated operating system means no security updates and many restrictions soon or later. Thus, there is no reason to clean a system which is otherwise so vulnerable and open to infections. Plus, it is illegal.

Let me know about your thoughts.
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Do you still need assistance?

Asking for help, providing your logs for analysis and then go away, is not just a simple thing. Plus, it's not kind at all. People spend a remarkable amount of time to analyse the logs and, as you know, time is valuable for all of us.

If you still need assistance, you can post here again, or, if the thread is closed, send me a personal message (hover the mouse on my profile avatar and press Start a conversation) with a link to the topic.
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