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I had to make a trip to the dump today which is about 25 minutes away from where I live. On occasion I have been lucky to see an eagle or two when I'm down in the flats so I decided to take my camera along. Low and behold I came across a large group of them which consisted of at least 30 birds. I decided to pull on to a farm yard where they seemed to be gravitating towards and soon discovered why.

It seems the farmer is dumping his dead chickens in the back of the barn ( illegal ) and that's what the eagles were after.

During pp I removed the partial bird on the left because I found it very distracting but after some thought I left it alone so it could tell part of the story.
Things happened real fast and because I was sitting in the truck I wasn't in a decent position to get the entire bird.

And a 1/2 a mile down the road this herd of eagles were warming up in the morning sun.

Thanks for lookin'​
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