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I'm trying to upgrade from windows 95 to 98 (one step at a time).
However, I keep getting an error message that the cd drive (Q)
is not accessable and is not ready. I know the drive is working because it plays music cd's.

My computer is a Packard Bell, 8.0 gb , 40 mb ram,. 24x speed max cd drive. Don't know if i need a new driver, or what the problem is.

I go to run, and use the browse to navigate to the location of the file - but when I do I get the error message. My system shows that i have plenty of room for the soft ware. I disabled my anti-virus driver and followed all instructions.

TonyS[email protected]
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If you insert the Windows 98 CD, select My Computer, double click the CD-ROM drive what does it do?

When I click on the cdrom I get an error message:

"Q:\ is not available
the device is not ready"

I would go into Safe mode, delete the CD-ROM, and reboot, Windows will rediscover it and hopefully set it up correctly.

Safe Mode is accessed from the boot menu by depressing and hold down the Ctrl key after BIOS posts the hardware list.

Then select Start Settings Control panel, System, Device Manager tab, CD-ROM and delete it. Then exit and reboot. Good luck.
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