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Windows95 Set-up Password

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Trying to install slave cd-rom but cant get into set-up because the machine keeps on asking for password but I have not a clue what it is. I would appreciate any help.
Thanks. Gh.
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sounds like you need to erase your BIOS to clear out the password.

Typically this is done by opening up the machine and finding a jumper which you short or remove and it clears the BIOS.

Its different for each motherboard - if you have your motherboard's manual, it will tell you which jumper will do the trick. :)
Two options are possibly available
1 use the bios jumper to reset to default,if you dothis you will need to recheck the settings again
2 use a piece of software like amibios to remove the password if possible,not all bios passwords are in the same memmory place so its possible on say notebooks that it is not possible to remove it.
The use of decryption software has now been made illegal within the confines of the good old US of A,on pain of fines and imprisonment.
First it was encryption (RSA) and now its decryption!
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