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Windows10 log-in doesn't accept password after hidden update

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Any solution to resetting Windows 10 log-in password or any option other than having to wipe it? After starting the first time, when I log-in it shows my password hint and after entering my password it says "Welcome", then immediately says "incorrect' password. Thereafter it only says "incorrect" password and only sometimes shows my hint. It also will not always boot correctly when I hold the shift key. Sometimes I get an error message saying "Looks like Windows didn't properly" with an option to restart. When I click 'change password" it asked for a disc. Seems whenever it updates thee is a problem. Once it messed up after sleep mode, or wouldn't wake up. How do you use a Microsoft password to log into Windows 10? This is so frustrating.
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Sorry, we don't provide help for people wanting to bypass security. As we have no way to determine if you are the owner of the PC. The only thing you can do is reinstall Windows, and set up your password s l o w l y.. There has been times when I typed in a password thinking I will remember it only to find that I have typed it in wrong during the setup. And there was nothing I can do except re-install.
When I do the initial setup and install of Windows 10 for someone, I always create a username, but I never create a password.
This allows the computer to go through its multiple restarts without having to log in every time.
If the owner later decides to password-protect the computer and then a log in issue occurs, I can't be blamed for it.

I do the same as flavallee, and it works every time.
To answer your actual questions
How do you use a Microsoft password to log into Windows 10? This is so frustrating.
You cannot use a Microsoft account, unless it is already setup on the computer
More importantly you cannot set up that account unless of course you can log into windows on the local user account and THEN setup the Microsoft account
The benefit of a Microsoft account is that you can reset your password WITHOUT logging into the Windows and the password for the Microsoft account is then reset in the Microsoft servers and therefore on your computer and ALL other devices using YOUR Microsoft account.

Your second point
When I click 'change password" it asked for a disc
This is a password reset disc and MUST be made before he problem with the password occurs

Finally as has been mentioned on post 2 one of the site rules is
Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed
However before that decision is made, by one of the Site Administrators or Moderators, I am able to make the following suggestions
1. Is the account you are trying to log into the ONLY account on the computer OR is there another user account
2. If there is another user account with admin rights see if you can log into that - this aspect is sometimes missed - it is on the lower left corner of the login screen
Windows will always present at log in the account for the last user who was signed.
3. If it is the result of an update which it CAN sometimes be then on starting and reaching lock screen press RESET from power icon lower right
manually restart the computer three times with the power button using that each time at the lock screen. Repeat the cold restart 3 times, your original password MAY then work

ALSO click password show to make sure the keyboard is typing the password correctly

Other than that no further help can be given, as per the rule, quoted above
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