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Windows XP Theme Problems

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Hey there, I am having a minor graphical issue with Windows XP.

Windows was running as ever up until about a month ago, it starts up a logs into accounts fine, however it fails at displaying the user's theme.

I usually have the Windows Classic theme, however when I start a computer up there is a high chance (not always) that it will ignore my theme options and set it'self to default. It remembers the button size and colouring options, however it will not display the window classic theme. The taskbar returnes to it's defauly blue.

If I log off of the current user and log back into it, the theme displays correctly. Just at start up it will sometimes display the default theme until logged back into.

This problem has effected ALL comuters in my home network.

If anyone knows anything about my problem please let me know.


Wolf. ^^
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maybe not the solution for your entire home network but a workaround for YOUR computer.

if you only use the classic theme then you can disable the Themes service. will also save you system resources.
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