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Until our new programming department gets some of our older programs ported over to Visual Studios 2008 (which is not installed on my computer so there is no issue of any conflict), I've been asked to maintain support of our older programs and so I had to reinstall Visual Studios 6.0 on my new computer (Windows XP Pro SP2). The installation of the program worked well but when I installed SP6, I received the following message:

Files that are required to run Windows properly have been replaced by unrecognized versions. To maintain system stability, Windows must restore the original versions of these files.

Insert your Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD now.
Instead of trying to recover the files, I used a restore point instead. I initial thought the problem was related to the setup file being configured improperly and overwriting older versions of system files until I checked the setup file and found:

[Default File Settings]
"STF_DATE" = "2004-03-11"
"STF_TIME" = "0"
"STF_VITAL" = ""
which would imply that it will only overwrite older files.

I'm now guessing that the Windows File Protection notices the changes to the protected files after the SP6 installation and attempts to restore the original files; however, one or more of the files are not available in the cache and/or the files in the cache were updated as well and the system prompts for the recovery disk so it may restore the original files.

Is there an easy solution to this problem?
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